Networking and inspiration moment video games and measuring media literacy

This networking event will bring together the research community and professionals from the broad media field. 

On the one hand you will get an up-to-date overview of the research and development of games in Flanders. On the other hand, you will discover different models for measuring media literacy. An ideal moment to get inspired, expand your network and make plans for new collaborations.

The registrations for this event are closed.

This event is an initiative of Mediawijs in collaboration with DiGRA Belgium, Gamefonds (VAF) and BelgianGames.

Practical information


Thursday 8 September 2022




Free admission, the registrations for this event are closed.



Kantersteen 10

1000 Brussel 

Just above the central station of Brussels


Target audience

Professionals from the field and media sector, academics and researchers.


1. Inspiration moment video games

  • Introduction by Mediawijs (Andy Demeulenaere)
  • BelgianGames: The game industry in Belgium (David Verbruggen)
  • DiGRA Belgium: Game research in Flanders (Lars de Wildt)
  • Gamefund (VAF): Promoting the development of games in Flanders (Youri Loedts)
17h15-18h Open floor

2. Dinner & networking opportunity

3. Inspirational moment measuring media literacy      


  • Introduction by Mediawijs
  • SMILE model by Lara Scheurs (KU Leuven) 
  • ySKILLS model by Joyce Vissenberg (KU Leuven)
  • DigIQ by Dian de Vries (University of Amsterdam)


Inspiration moment video games

Year after year, the game sector continues to grow. Worldwide, the turnover of games is even greater than that of the film and music sectors combined. But what does the Belgian games industry look like? Which organizations and companies should you definitely know?

We give you a brief overview of game researchers in Flanders and Belgium, how they are organized and what the game industry can do for them.

The Gamefonds (VAF) was created in 2012 to promote the development of games in Flanders. This allows a lot of Flemish game developers to bring their game to the market every year. In this session we give you more information about the possibilities.

During the open floor, some participants themselves take to the floor to explain their project, organization, research, etc. This will give you a better idea of who is present and what they might be able to do for you.

Inspirational moment measuring media literacy

We look at the different models that exist to measure media literacy, or the impact of media literacy initiatives. 3 experts take the floor and reveal their own research or project. We will discuss with all attendees to explore possible collaborations, exchange insights, ...

Media literacy is expected to play a key role in countering the negative effects of social media, however, there is no systematic evidence for this. Lara Scheurs developed the SMILE model, which posits an empowerment and development process for media literacy.

In today's digital society, media literacy and digital skills are becoming increasingly important. The European ySKILLS research project aims to stimulate the digital skills of young people so that they can make the most of the many advantages and opportunities that the Internet has to offer. Joyce Vissenberg explains the development and application of the model.

We know that it’s important to measure digital competence. But how can we do this in a reliable way? Dian de Vries presents the DigIQ: a scientifically validated instrument that measures digital knowledge and digital skills.