What is media education?

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Media education is an indispensable part of the ‘normal’ education of children and teenagers. By engaging in media education, you help them to fully take part in digital society. Discover why that’s important, what media education entails, and who should be involved.

Why media education is important

From a young age, children are ‘on board’ with (new) media. It sometimes seems like they know more about it than adults. But that’s an illusion: knowing how to use media doesn’t automatically mean that you also understand how they work or what all their opportunities and risks are. That’s why it’s important to teach children and teenagers the basics of media literacy. Don’t know where to begin? Our media literacy dossiers are a good place to start.

What does ‘media education’ mean?

‘How long can children look at screens?’ It’s often the first question asked when it comes to media education. But media education is about much more than just screentime. Other examples are critically assessing information, protecting your privacy on the internet, or creating a fun video for social media. At the same time, education isn’t just about risks. Of course we have to make children and teenagers aware of these, but in the first place, media education should be about opportunities. Media literacy can make your life easier and contribute to happiness because you know how to optimally make use of media’s opportunities.

Media education: a job for parents?

Every adult in a child’s environment is involved in their education, and that includes media education. Not just parents, but also teachers, grandparents, and even friends’ parents have an important part to play. That’s why it can be a good idea for parents to discuss their views on media education with other adults who are close to their child. 

How do you engage in media literacy education?

Media literacy education is easier than you might think. You’ll get quite far by following your gut. Discover our tips.

4 common concerns people have about their child’s media education

Parents have lots of questions about their child’s media education. What are some common concerns, and are they justified? 

Published on 22 February 2024