Common digital symbols and their meanings


You see them everywhere in the digital world: symbols. But how can you fully participate in digital society if you don't understand the symbols used? This symbol guide provides an overview of the most commonly used symbols so you can better understand different online services.

For anyone who needs additional explanation of digital symbols.

Cover Symbol Guide

This symbol guide is a practical guide that provides an overview of the most common symbols on your computer, tablet or smartphone and what happens when you click on them. This tool was developed out of the need for additional explanation of digital symbols.

What's it about

The practical guide lists 7 themes:

  • Basics
  • Smartphone
  • Chat
  • E-mail
  • Telephone and video calling
  • Online search
  • Finding the way

What you need

Download the brochure below or order a physical copy through the web shop

This practical guide was developed within the framework of the 'Iedereen Digitaal Bovenlokaal'-plan, funded by the Youth and Media Policy Domain of the Flemish government.