Online resilience


Do you sometimes see online behaviors in clients that worry you? Do you sometimes not know how to interpret or deal with these behaviors?

For supervisors of clients with lower emotional development.

Cover online resilience

This practical guide offers you as a professional tools and tips on how to deal with online aggression from the framework of emotional development.

What's it about

  • Discussion of emotional development and online risks
  • Five stages of emotional development and linkage to online aggression in clients
  • Overview of management strategies to work with in practice

Looking for more information on digital risks in general from emotional development? Then be sure to read the comprehensive action framework.

How to use it

Start by determining your client's emotional developmental stage. You can do this from a rating with the SED-R2 or SED-S3 or from the client's needs. Once you find out the client's needs, you can look for an actionable intervention strategy. You can reprint or copy the blank fill-in-the-blank document at the back of the manual itself.

What you need

An initiative of: UCLL , Mediawijs

This practical guide was developed within the framework of the 'Iedereen Digitaal Bovenlokaal'-plan, funded by the Youth and Media Policy Domain of the Flemish government.