Screen time, social media, privacy on the Internet ... The digital world raises a lot of questions for parents. For this they can visit MediaNest: the website about media education for children between 0 and 18 years. Parents can search by theme or age and consult all kinds of useful tools and articles.

For parents with children aged 0-18 years.

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The vision of MediaNest

MediaNest starts from a positive perspective on media and parenting, with due attention to the risks. By encouraging communication between parents and children, MediaNest focuses on experiencing and enjoying media together in the family.

What can you find at MediaNest?

  • Information on media education tailored to your family's needs
  • Answers to concrete questions, such as "Which games are suitable for my child?
  • Tips and tricks for making agreements with children about screen time or discussing cyberbullying.
  • A media growth line adapted to the environment and development of your child
  • Online tests, such as 'What type of media parent are you?
  • Videos about gaming, social media, ...
  • Click-and-prints, such as "How to sext?
  • Testimonials from parents and children
  • Fun activities for the family, such as making a game together

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