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From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, there is news. But what is news anyway? When is something newsworthy? What exactly does a journalist do? And how is news made? With the Newsmakers teaching package, you and your pupils discover the answer to all these questions and you can turn your pupils into real journalists themselves.

For students in the first grade of secondary education.

Questions about Newsmakers? Ask Sanne Hermans.

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What's it about

The topics covered in the five modules:

  • What is news?
  • News consumption and news carriers.
  • The role and sources of a journalist.
  • How is news collected?
  • How is news made?

How to use it

Newsmakers consists of five different modules, which you can use separately or sequentially in the classroom. For each module, there are content videos for your students and one or more corresponding teaching methods that you can use in the classroom.

  • You can use the videos in two ways: students watch the videos in advance at home as an individual learning process or you can do it together in class. You can find the videos herePlease note: the videos are in Dutch. Turn on subtitles on Youtube.
  • Download the teacher's guide below with all the info on the themes, methods and worksheets.
  • In the teaching methods, you and your students actively work with one of the insights from each module. The length of the methods varies, as is indicated for each method. Some methods are accompanied by a powerpoint to support the teacher in the classroom.