News in the Classroom

News in the Classroom is an educational project for pupils from the third grade of primary education onwards, focusing on news and information literacy. It encourages children and young people to deal with news and current affairs critically and consciously, but also actively and creatively.

For pupils and teachers in third-grade primary education, secondary education, teacher training, primary education centres, social promotion education, adult education and hospital schools. 

Questions about News in the Classroom? Ask Sanne Hermans or Zara Mommerency.

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Why work on news, factchecking and opinion skills

Children and young people deal with news and information differently at each age. That is why we developed the 'News in the classroom growth line', a vision of how to work on news and information, adapted to the development of each age group. All News in the Classroom material follows this learning path.

Mediawijs developed 3 teaching packages that follow this growth line and are made to teach young people from every grade of secondary education how to deal with news, online (dis)information and forming opinions. Discover Newsmakers (12-14 years), Factcheckers (14-16 years) and Opinionmakers (16-18 years)!